Purveyors of analytic cybersecurity

Dover Networks currently executes on several subcontracts with classified customers, in areas including network analysis, software development and cyber training. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you!

Past Work

  • Design/build for a DoD wireless network, secured to Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) standards, converging both voice and data to a single robust infrastructure in a physically challenging environment.
  • Analysis of network- and computer-based exploitation vectors for a classified customer, using customer-specific tools and sensors.
  • Documentary evaluation of a power distribution customer’s SCADA network deployment for a commercial IT integrator
  • Research and penetration test of a proposed whole-disk encryption system for a Federal Government customer with an eye toward balancing usability against risk.
  • Incident response to a cyberattack against a commercial website that resulted in defacement and data leakage to determine the penetration vector, verify that no backdoors were left behind, and recommend configuration changes to prevent future compromise.
  • Systems and software engineering for network analysis workflow tools.
  • Develop and deliver advanced network and security operations training for civilian and military cyber operators.
  • Penetration test and code analysis of a commercial web server to proactively detect and fix vulnerabilites, adhering to OWASP standards.
  • Research and integration of multiple network devices, including deep packet inspection and SIEM tools, for a commercial active network defense proof-of-concept demonstration.