Understanding what it takes to originate, plan, build and execute in cyberspace.

Dover Networks provides analytic cybersecurity services to commercial and government entities, tackling some of the most technically difficult, ill-defined problems that bedevil organizations operating in today’s ever-changing digital environment. Fully capable with the mechanics of cybersecurity operations, Dover Networks goes the step beyond to provide true analysis of technical, multi-source data in the context of the customer’s operations, providing actionable information to help business and mission decision-makers get smarter on cyber.

Dover Networks is glad to work on both short- and longer-term efforts in our technology wheelhouse, including:

  • Vulnerability research and analysis, including risk characterization and evaluation;
  • Security analysis/evaluation, including gap analysis, and pre-procurement evaluation of solutions;
  • Configuration and effectiveness evaluation of new and existing solutions, including integration of systems and dataflows into the customer’s security workflow;
  • Attack profile and network reconnaissance analysis of the customer’s network, providing a view from the attacker’s perspective;
  • Documentary (gray-box) and live (black-box) evaluation and penetration testing of target systems;
  • Cyber incident response, including both initial and after-action phases.
  • Consulting and training on advanced networking and cybersecurity technology and operations.
  • Development of cyberanalytic tools for deployment and operations center use.